Variable Speed Motors

Built-in inverter motors consist of three-phase asynchronous electric motors with an integrated frequency inverter.
The power range is between 0,37 kW and 15,0 kW while the motor frame is from 71 up to 160.
The unit is composed of a high-efficiency 3-phase asynchronous electric motor and a compact frequency inverter placed at the non-drive motor end.

The basic construction is closed, fan cooled and IP 55 enclosure duty.
A built-in inverter motor is able to properly run also under heavy overload conditions thanks to a high thermal reserve; the insulating materials are class F.
The frame is made of aluminum alloy up to 132 frame size and of cast iron for above sizes.

Shields and flanges are made of aluminum up to 90 frame size and of cast iron up to 160 frame size.
The inverter housing is isolated from the motor in order to avoid heat transmission; the inverter heat sink is self-ventilated.
The frequency converter provided is one of the most advanced in terms of design concept as well as used components; control can be chosen between V/F type (frequency voltage control) or SLV type (Sensorless Vector Control).

Built-in inverter motors are easily programmable – using only three buttons.
Some functions, which automatically set parameters (acceleration/deceleration times, V/f ratio etc.), make the programming easier.

On request, motor can be arranged for main Bus fields (Profibus, Interbus-S, Device-Net, etc.).
Built-in inverter motors are designed to be real built-in frequency converter motors and not just as a simple assembly of a standard motor with an inverter.
It is extremely easy to perform the wiring connection.

All the adducted features make the built-in inverter motor series high performance with strong structure.