Asynch. 3-phase

SM motors Series consist of three-phase asynchronous electric motors with power range between 0,09 kW and 45,0 kW while the motor frame is from 56 up to 225.

The SMX series is different from SM series because it consists of single speed motors for continuous duty with higher efficiency in conformity with European Regulation 640/2009. For other aspects the SMX serie-motors have the same characteristics of the motors belonging to the SM series.


- AC Three phase squirrel cage induction motors
- IE2 or IE3 efficiency class ( SMX series). More information…
- IEC metric motors from 56 to 315 frame size.
- Power range between 0,04 and 132 kW. Single speed 2,4,6,8 poles (SMX series) or double speed 2/4,4/8 (SMD series), 2/8, 2/6, 2/12, 4/6, 4/12, 4/16 poles (SMDA series).
- Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
- IP 55 enclosure
- F class insulation ( H class on request)
- Aluminum frame up to 132 frame size, cast iron from 160 to 225 frame size
- Cast iron flange starting from 100 frame size
- cCSAus certification ( on request)
- Compliance to the EISA specifications (CC051A) and NRC Canadian regulations for efficiency ( on request)
- CCC certification and China Energy label for efficiency ( on request)
- EAC  certification ( on request)

SMX-SM series motors are also available with the following  options:

- Special voltage ( 230/460V 60Hz, 575V 60Hz; 400/690V 50Hz, 220/380V 60Hz,440V 60Hz etc.)
- Thermal protectors (PTO) or thermistors (PTC)
- Heaters
- Forced Cooling  -AV (SMXAV series)
- Built-in Encoder – E (SMXE series)
- Motors with NEMA dimensions
- Non-standard shaft or flange
- Sensor bearings
- Special environment execution (Wash-down, Marine, Tropical)



MGM Electric Motors joined as an endorser the “Motor Challenge”.
The Motor Challenge Programme is a European Commission voluntary programme (launched in February 2003) through which industrial companies are aided in improving the energy efficiency of their Motor Driven Systems.

The Challenge focuses on Compressed Air, Fan and Pump systems, for which it has been demonstrated that there exists a large technical and economic potential for energy savings.
Reducing the energy consumption of electric motor driven systems, which account for up to 30% of all electricity used in European Union, is among the priorities of European Union “Intelligent Energy for Europe” Programme.

Examples from the field have shown that from 30% to 50% of electricity used for pumps, compressor or fans could be saved through improved operations and maintenance or by investments in energy efficient electric motor systems.
In most cases, such actions are not only profitable, but also maintain or improve production quality and reliability!

Refer to European Commission internet site for further information on this programme.