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The Company

M.G.M. motori elettrici S.p.A. was founded in 1947. Right from the start the company specialised in the production of electrical brake motors, becoming one of the leader companies in this industry.
In Italy MGM has the main production plant in Serravalle Pistoiese and a warehouse with sales offices in Assago (Milan). In North America,  MGM is present in Montreal (Canada) and in Detroit (USA). MGM is present also in Chennai with a plant for India sales, technical support and distribution and in Turkey, in Izmir.  Around the world, M.G.M. is present in more than 60 Countries with its own structures for sales and assistance.
Anywhere in the world, you can hardly see, wear, or use anything which does not have at least one component produced by an M.G.M. brake motor.


For M.G.M. motori elettrici, sustainable development and respecting the environment are very important objectives. About one hundred per cent of the electrical power that we use comes from photovoltaic panels placed on the roofs of the Serravalle Pistoiese factories.
We have intervened on the life cycle of the product, by increasing the average efficiency of our products and giving preference to the use of recyclable materials and low environmental impact.
We have also operated on the productive cycle, by intervening on plant efficiency, waterproofing of buildings, efficiency of lighting installations, reduction of consumption of drinking water through resorting to recycling, the ever increasingly use of separate collection.
We are aware that what we have achieved is certainly not a target point but only a leg and new interventions have been scheduled in the near future as our commitment towards respecting the environment.